John Austin launches new tuning service

18 December, 2011

John Austin Volkswagen & Audi Specialists garage in Marks Tey, is now offering an engine tuning service thanks to a new addition to the team – Abid Ali.  Abid is an expert software engineer who specialises in tuning for a range of cars and vans, from economy to performance makes and models. He usually works in the London area and is now bringing his skills to Essex.

As cars are increasingly expensive to run now that money is getting tighter and fuel prices keep rising, holding on to a car for longer is the norm.  Anything that keeps it in tip top condition and improves fuel consumption too is always welcome. Tuning, often associated with power cars, can improve a car or van’s overall performance by up to 40%, while increasing fuel consumption by up to nine miles per gallon.  Prices for this service start from as little as £250.

Tuning is also very hi tech.  All vehicles have an on-board computer known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU), which controls everything from ignition timing to cruise control. Files from the ECU are copied and ‘fine-tuned’ using dedicated computer software to provide improved fuel consumption, more power or better overall performance – although these generally come as a package. The ‘fine-tuned’ files are then returned to the ECU and there is an instant improvement in how your car uses fuel and how it handles.

Paul Miller, manager of John Austin garage says: “Tuning will affect how your car feels, accelerates and drives, but for most of us these days economy is everything.  Even if you only drive 20 miles a day, to and from work, you’ll start making an instant saving. One customer is now better off by £100 a month in fuel costs, so in a couple of months the tuning has paid for itself.”

If you would like to find out more on how tuning can save you money call Paul or one of the John Austin team on 01206 211483.